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Glad to see you. I am Ashish, the guy behind DoingData.

If you are an analyst, engineer, architect or designer, we can talk about how you can use Tableau to tell a story to make a data-driven impact.

If you are a student who is trying to learn Tableau, we can talk about your interests and what can be the right and motivated path for you become a data rockstar. May be, I am even planning to launch a course on Tableau soon.

If you are a team-lead, project manager or consultant, we can talk about how you can build, train, align your team and ship a data visualization product that people actually use.

If you are project sponsor, CIO, CFO or CEO, we can talk about how you can make the best ROI from your investment in Tableau by driving the change and making Tableau a huge success in your organization.

If you want to speak to me about any of topic mentioned above or anything else in general, fill the form below to shoot me an email.

See you around.

Your friend,
Ashish Singh

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