Woah! I'am extremely pleased to announce that my new 8 week's course DATA VISUALIZATION USING TABLEAU DESKTOP is here.

I've been working very hard to fulfill your demand for a Tableau Desktop course and here it is


This course is made of ❤

Literally! Back in 2015, when I started to learn Tableau, I was all on my own. I tried a lot, and learned a lot. This course is outcome of all those trials, errors, pain and ultimately AHA! Moments -  poured all in one place.


80 HOURS 🎓

No less, no more. Spend 2 hours with me. Everyday. For next 8 weeks. You will attend 40 curated lectures talking about statistics, visualization principles and Tableau.



Yes. You heard it right. Do it yourself. There is no secret sauce to design the visualization that matters but to get your hands dirty, and I will make sure that you do.



Care for child education in undeveloped countries? Prove it. Visualize it. Show your visualization to the world. Make an impact and build your portfolio.

Curated lecture notes ✿

Recently I have been reading a lot. Some of those readings have been too good to not to be talked about. I have handpicked four books to especially talk about in lectures and encourage force 😁 you to read

The Truthful Art by Alberto Cairo


Tableau Your Data by Daniel Murray


Show Me the Numbers by Stephen Few


Storytelling with Data by Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic

And guess what! He said YES! 🌼

Meet your coach 🙋


Hey there! I am Ashish, a self-taught data analyst from Mumbai. Here are some of facts about me

  • I have 6 years experience in data analysis
  • I started learning Tableau in Dec 2015 and instantly fell in love with it
  • I was an Excel Ninja before I switched to Tableau
  • Reading and learning is my full time job
  • I run a cool data visualization channel on Instagram 😎
  • I am passionate about teaching

Cia soon!

Application procedure and tuition fee

Admission procedure is simple and straightforward.


Week I Enjoy learning FREE for first 5 lectures.

If you do not want to continue, no problem, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. NO MONEY CHARGED.

Week II If you want to continue the learning, pay half of your fee $300 and continue the learning

Week V If you want to complete the course, pay remaining half of your fee $300 and complete the course.

After completing the course if you are not happy and ask for the refund, I will give your 95% MONEY BACK WITHOUT ASKING ANY QUESTIONS.

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Frequently asked questions 📌


  • When is the course starting?
    The course is starting on 24th April 2017 and will continue for next 8 weeks.
  • Where are you located?
    I am located in Mumbai.
  • Who will be my coach??
    Hey there! I am Ashish and I am going to be your coach for next 8 weeks. You can learn more about me on my twitter page.
  • Do you offer corporate training?
    Yes, I do. Write me an e-mail separately for further query.
  • Is there any career service after completion of the course?
    In the last week of the course, I will help you preparing your CV and teach you about networking with recruiters for job hunt, but I will not robot-train you to get a job but train you to be self-sufficient to learn Tableau and data visualization and get a job on your own.


  • Whom is this course for?
    • Engineering students
    • Economics students
    • People willing to learn Tableau
    • Data analysts willing to explore data visualization
    • Business Intelligence Analysts
    • Anyone who wants to learn to present data effectively
  • What is the eligibility criteria to take the course?
    • Deeeeeeep willingness to learn
    • Willingness to work 20-30 hours extra every week
    • Willingness to read 4 books in 8 weeks
    • Open-mindedness
    • Willingness to work collaboratively
    • Ability to handle criticism
    • Willingness to learn the ability of not falling in love with your designs
    • Willingness to get your hands dirty and get things done
  • Is there any pre-requisite to take the course?
    Not really. But some experience with data analysis using Excel, SQL or any other tool will be really helpful.
  • How can I enroll in the course?
    Fill the registration form above. Once you get the confirmation e-mail after getting your application reviewed, attend the first free week. After that you can decide weather you want to continue learning or not.

Course & Assignments

  • What is format of the course?
    Course is delivered through 40 lectures across 8 weeks from Monday to Friday. Each lecture will have a duration of 2 hours. At the end of each lecture, students will be provided assignments to complete. Lectures will be delivered via webinar on Google Hangout or some other similar setup. Lectures will be a blend of theory as well application and will focus on general concepts of exploratory data analysis, principles of data visualization and how to use Tableau Desktop.
  • Is there also a classroom version of the course?
    No, there is not a classroom version of the course as of now.
  • What is the syllabus outline?
    Here is broad level outline of the course:
    Week I: Introduction to Data Visualization (Variables)
    Week II: How to use Tableau (Charts)
    Week III: How to use Tableau (Calculations)
    Week IV: How to use Tableau (Maps)
    Week V: Understanding and Visualization Statistics for data exploration (Statistics)
    Week VI: Analyzing & visualizing economic environment of a country using Tableau (Analysis)
    Week VII: Storytelling with data (Dashboard)
    Week VIII: What to do next in the world of data visualization (My dream is to fly, over the rainbow so high!)

Though I have outlined the syllabus in a chronological manner, in reality, you will learn all the topics in all the weeks because these topics are inseparable and highly interlinked.
Also, you may think that I will teach you all of this in the class (I cannot teach you all of this in 80 hours, maybe in 800 hours, yes!), in reality, I will teach you how to learn effectively on your own during and after the course and be a self-guided individual.

  • How long is going to be the duration of the course?
    • 8 weeks
    • 40 lectures
    • Monday to Friday
    • 2 hours each lecture
    • 80 hours total
  • Is there any supplement material required for the course?
    • Tableau Your Data by Daniel Murray (Book)
    • Show Me the Numbers by Stephen Few (Book)
    • The Truthful Art by Alberto Cairo (Book)
    • Storytelling with Data by Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic (Book)

Course material will be referred from these four books and it is a mandatory requirement for the course to read all the above mentioned four books. Also, the cost of the books has to be borne by individual students.

  • What kind of assignments would I need to complete?
    Doing #MakeoverMonday, completing mini-projects over the weekend around personal interests, picking a horrible chart from internet and improving it, visualizing government data, doing projects at office, doing projects at academic and college, reviewing the work of peers, collecting a lot of data from internet, making tons of charts, not going much out for dating and beer but sitting working on laptop for next 8 weekends, doing what no one told you to do - these will be your assignments, hope you enjoy them.
  • How much weekly effort is required to effectively learn?
    Apart from lectures, 25 hours minimum.
  • Why is your course only 8 weeks?
    So that I can teach you to be self-guided data analyst rather than relying on me to learn all the time. And also, so that I can teach more people in less time instead of teaching fewer people in more time.

Software & Hardware

  • What is technical requirement to take the course?
    Hardware: iOS X or Windows 64 bit with Minimum i3 processor and 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
    Software: Tableau Public or Tableau Desktop (Tableau Desktop is free for students for 1 year), MySQL Community Edition, Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, Accounts on Twitter, Tableau Public website, Github, Gmail, Slack

Tution & Payments

  • How does the online class cost?
    $600 ($521.74 + 15% taxes). Fee can be paid in two installments, first installment of $300 at the starting of second week and the second installment at the starting of the fifth week.
  • How the payment can be made?
    Payment can be made securely using PayPal on my payment page here
  • When do I have to pay?
    Like I stated above, fee can be paid in two installments, first installment of $300 at the starting of second week and the second installment at the starting of the fifth week.
  • Will I get my money back if I drop the class?
    After completing the course, if you are not happy and want your money back, I will refund your 95% fee. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. YES. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.
    (I will not be able to refund remaining 5% because that is PayPal's transaction fee)

Grades & Certification

  • Do you offer any certification at the end of the course?
    No, I do not. If you are looking forward to a certification, then go for the one offered by Tableau. My classes are purely for the sake of learning.
  • Do you offer any career service at the end of the course?
    I am not committing you any career service nor shall I be liable if you do not get job after the course completion, but in the last week of the course I will mentor you on career services including how to create CV, a rock-star portfolio network with recruiters and hunt for a job.
  • Will there be grading of the assignments?
    I do not care for how many marks you obtain but how much you learn and how much you help yourself and others in learning, so there will be no grading of the assignments.

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If you have any other question regarding the course, drop me an e-mail. I am looking forward to having you in my class.

Cheers, Ashish.